1. Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences (BCAS)


The Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences is recognised as one of the most competitive research facilities in EU for biology and biomedicine, with a state-of-the-art facility for biochemistry, molecular biology, microscopy, and immunology. The Institute of Parasitology (PARU) is one of five BCAS' institutes that brings together interdisciplinary research on human and animal parasites, offering unique cutting-edged platforms for molecular and microscopy studies.

Role in project

BCAS is the Cure4Aqua coordinator, WP1 leader, engaged in activities related to stakeholders, evaluation of environment-diseases interactions and modelling of intracellular bacteria infection in the fish bioprints (WP2); antimicrobial peptide trial against fish pathogens and in in vivo challenge (WP5; 5.2 task leader); development of fish bioprints (WP6); Delphi expert assessment of welfare indicators in Czech Republic (WP7); and development of DEC (WP8).

The Team


Ivona Mladineo

Project Coordinator

Anna Holčáková

Project Manager