10. University of Split School of Medicine (MEFST)


MEFST is one of Croatia's most prestigious medical schools, showcasing a cutting-edge center for translational research in biomedicine (CTRIB), outstanding medical research, and teaching activities. The synthesis of existing evidence and assessment of health technologies are among several areas of concentration that have earned MEFST a reputation on an international scale. From 2018 to 2022 MEFST participated in the implementation of more than 100 national and international projects financed by different national sources and sources within the EU among which are two FP7 projects, five Horizon 2020 projects and three Interreg projects.

Role in project

Evidence synthesis and data modeling in relation to disease burden, environmental-disease interactions, and health-related metrics for sustainable aquaculture, are the primary areas of focus for MEFST's work. In addition, MEFST will participate in prioritisation exercises, and together with other partners in research organisation (WP1) and development of plan for the dissemination, exploitation and communication activities (WP8).

The Team


Ana Jerončić

Researcher involved in WP1, WP2 (Tasks 2.1, 2.2, 2.3) and WP8