28. Moredun Research Institute (MRI)


Moredun Foundation is a registered charity that supports livestock health and welfare through research and education. Formed by farmers over 100 years ago, it is internationally recognised for its work on the infectious diseases of livestock. The Moredun Group works to develop effective disease control programs, diagnostic tests, and vaccines to safeguard livestock health, including fish. Many of the veterinary vaccines that are routinely used on farm have been researched, developed, or tested at Moredun.

Role in project

MRI will lead WP3 which focuses on preventing disease in aquaculture through the development of innovative vaccines. MRI will develop two inactivated T. maritimum vaccines for European seabass and Senegalese sole and will identify antigens for a universal vaccine using reverse vaccinology and quantitative proteomics. They will produce recombinant proteins for an Aeromonas veronii vaccine for European seabass. They are also involved in WP5 and 6.

The Team


Kim Thompson

WP3 leader

Alasdair Nisbet

WP3 Vaccine design