2. VAI Consulting (VAI)


VAI Consulting is an independent, veterinary consultancy in aquatic animal health which provides investigative services, consultancy, training, histopathology analysis and research to aquaculture companies, diagnostic services, government agencies, nutrition and pharmaceutical companies, investment and insurance companies as well as start-ups and universities.

Role in project

VAI Consulting will as part of the Cure4Aqua project develop biosecurity protocols for auditing and assessing fish farms and companies for EC freshwater (carp, trout & perch) and Mediterranean (seabass, bream & meagre) aquaculture. In addition, VAI will develop and deliver training in biosecurity assessment, farm biosecurity and fish health and these courses will be delivered through on-line and in-person methods.

The Team


Hamish Rodger

Task leader 7.5 & 8.4

Ana Herrero

Task leader 7.5 & 8.4