6. Marine Biological Section, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen (UCPH)


The Marine Biological Section (MBS) at the Department of Biology constitutes a strong marine research unit in Denmark with unique competences and facilities for experimental research. The section has world leading expertise in ecology, genomics and applied biology of marine microorganisms. The activities are built on four main pillars: Research, Teaching, Outreach and Infrastructural Support, and currently encompass >100 scientists, technicians, ship crew, animal keepers, and students.

Role in project

The Marine Biological Section (MBS) will lead Task 5.1 and is mainly involved in WP4 and 5. MBS is in charge of the research in phage ecology, genomics and applied biology, and the development of phage-based solutions and applications to control fish pathogenic bacteria. Our role is to isolate, evolve and characterize bacteriophages and to examine and optimize product properties, efficiency and safety-from lab-to farm-scale

The Team


Mathias Middelboe

Leader of Task 5.1