Novaptech is a biotech company internationally renowned for its expertise in aptamers-synthetic oligonucleotides displaying antibody-like properties. Novaptech carries out R&D projects for its customers worldwide, in the pharma and life sciences areas, for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. It also designs aptamer-based biosensors and tests in the frame of its in-house R&D programs.

Role in project

In the frame of WP6 Novaptech will select, characterise, optimise and functionalise aptamers to 6 new diagnostic biomarkers for the identification and quantification of pathogens and immune responses in fish: unculturable selected pathogens (CEV), slow growing (Flavobacterium) or unidentified (MLO), and immune parameters for which markers are not available are IgT, SCOCS3 and cathelocidin 1.

The Team


Jean Jacques Toulme

Chief Scientific Officer of Novaptech – Aptamer Expert

Marine Laville

President of Novaptech – Legal representative of the company